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Meet the Finelyne Team

Martin Horne

Martin Horne has 25 years experience in High Technology including management positions with Digital Equipment, DY-4 and Monenco Agra. For the last 14 years Martin has founded and led several companies as CEO. In 1994 he founded ProMIRA Software and in 1998 he sold it to Manugistics for $110M representing a valuation of 15x trailing revenue. In late 1998 he founded Nitidus Technology and in less than a year was profitably acquired by Parametric Technologies. In June 2005 Martin joined as CEO, online web 2.0 travel site ,and grew it from 50,000 to over 600,000 monthly unique visitors culminating in an acquisition in 2006 by travel giant In all cases the technology and organizational personnel became core to the acquirer. In aggregate Martin has generated $121M return on private equity investment of $19M.

In 1999 Martin acted as the initial Entrepreneur in Residence at Vengrowth Capital Partners Inc., Canada’s largest venture capital firm. Martin has a deep technical background, and extensive experience with, web 2.0 and online advertising / marketing.

Dan McCarthy

Dan McCarthy CGA has deep experience in financial and operational management with technology based companies. He has 20 years experience as Chief Financial Officer with Ottawa based enterprises including Senstar, Prior, ProMira, Gallium and Travelpod. He previously held senior corporate finance positions with AES Data, a $180 Million company operating in 6 countries, and Venturetek, an early Canadian  venture capital firm. His background also includes operational responsibilities for order fulfillment, product management, engineering and manufacturing. Dan has extensive experience with direct sales channels including his time at AES where he played a key role in the reorganization of the 125 person Canadian sales force from a branch to a vertical market structure. He has designed and implemented a number of pipeline management and sales forecasting systems in various distribution models.

Since 2000 Dan has acted as a consultant to a number of organizations as a virtual CFO or on a transaction basis. He specializes in integrating operational performance and corporate models with corporate strategy and the financial control system always with an eye to facilitating a financing or exit event.

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